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I have been blessed to have seen many parts of China while I have lived here. Fenghua - Xikou in Zhejiang province is one of those beautiful places.Friday after I finished work I quickly rushed to the train station to catch the high speed train to Shanghai from Changzhou. Once In Shanghai I had a quick change of trains to Ningbo station and then finally a taxi to my hotel in Fenghua. Arriving at 11pm I was welcome into the well decorated Siji Qingteng Garden Hotel (Ningbo Xikou). After a few minutes I was checked in and ushered to my room on the third floor.

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The next morning after a good nights rest and a traditional breakfast we met up with the group and set off for our first destination just down the street at Chiang Kai-shek’s former residence. The first stop was in front of the performance hall where they had performers singing and posing for pictures with all the tourists while promoting for the evenings show. Once done watching the performers we moved onto the residence. Along the way there were more performers dressed up in period specific attire which lends to the feeling of the whole area.After finishing at the residence we moved on to a pedestrian street filled with many tourists and shops. At one of the first shops we were able to witness the creation of one of the many local delicacies, seaweed treats. After we finished our treats we continued down the pedestrian street to find the Wulin School. Inside you were able to feel the zen and see how school was in these open air, garden like environments.

After touring the Wulin school we walked back towards our hotel to the adjacent street where it was lined up with restaurant after restaurant. We found a nice restaurant that had great décor and smelled amazing.

After finishing the local delicacies and getting a little bit of rest we moved on to the area where the 60m tall Great Maitreya Buddha and temple complex are found. This area was extremely beautiful and creates a spiritual felling throughout the time exploring here.

Once done spending a good amount of time creating a few time-lapses of the Buddha it was time to return back to the hotels surrounding area for dinner. We could have eaten at the same restaurant but there were so many that we found another the looked just as good. After a filling dinner we were able to go to the evening cultural performance which had the performers from the first destination of the morning. After the performance the weather finally decided that we were done for the day and began to rain just as we got back to our hotel. Time to rest and prepare for the next day!

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We had our last breakfast in west slender hotel as it was our last day in that beautiful hotel. After having breakfast, we head to Yangzhou double museum. Yangzhou double museum is located in the West District of Yangzhou New Town. It consists of Yangzhou Chinese Engraving Printing Museum and Yangzhou Museum New Building. There are Guanglingchao-Yangzhou City Story Hall, Yangzhou Eight-Ghost Painting and Calligraphy Hall, Ming and Qing Dynasties Painting and Calligraphy Hall, National Treasure Hall, Yangzhou Ancient Carving Hall, China Engraving Printing Exhibition Hall, Yangzhou Engraving Printing Exhibition Hall and a temporary exhibition hall with eight exhibition halls.

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Heyuan is a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot and one of the first 20 key parks in China. The main attractions include the Fudao corridor and the riding house. He Yuan is a representative work of Yangzhou gardens in the late Qing Dynasty and is a national key cultural relics protection unit.

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On the last day we visited Yangzhou Zhuyu Bay Scenic spot (Yangzhou zoo). The national AAA grade tourist area, Yangzhou Zhuyu Bay scenic area (Yangzhou Zoo) is located 5 kilometers northeast of Yangzhou city center. The Zhuyu Bay Scenic Area is a peninsula Ecological botanical garden which combines natural scenery, human landscape, flowers, plant and animal ornaments and modern amusement. Because the Han Dynasty was named after the planting of Fructus Corni tree. Now there are pavilions in Kangxi and Qianlong periods, such as climbing platform, Changqing Pavilion and lotus wind bridge. Its gardens are decorated with hills, bridges and plants. There is the first-class animal scattered ornamental areas in East China, including the beast area, the herbivorous animal area, the pet area, the Monkey Island, The waterfowl ornamental area,The crane ecological garden, the Sea Lion Performance Hall, the beast performance Museum and so on. The tourists can contact the animals at zero distance. There are also most popular tourist camps for modern urbanites, such as rock climbing, cloud ladder, air break Bridges etc. The inscription of the ancient dogwood Bay inscribed by the Qing Ruan Yuan University is still inlaid on the ancient stone arch ring door. There is also an 8 km canal scenic zone around the island, with distinct seasonal characteristics of plant forests (cedar Forest, persimmon forest, bamboo forest, etc.) and various flower ornamental gardens. Dogwood Bay spring has dogwood, spring plum, peach blossom, cherry, peony, peony, peony, Qionghua, summer has lotus, Lagerstroemia, rose, autumn has sweet Scented Osmanthus, red maple, winter has La plum and so on.In order to reshape the culture of Cronus, the first "China. Yangzhou Cronus Cultural Festival" was held in the 2011 Chongyang Festival in Zhuyu Bay, showing the history, culture and several kinds of dogwood products. So far, Zhuyu Bay has formed the The largest ornamental "Cornus officinalis forest" in China. Wu Zhuyu, Cornus officinalis and Cornus officinalis are complete, with more than 1500 trees with cornel trees and 30 mu of Cornus forest.With more than 1500 trees with cornel trees and 30 mu of Cornus forest.With more than 1500 trees with cornel trees and 30 mu of Cornus forest.

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After visiting the Wuling School, it was already the time for lunch. Xikou offers variety of food offered by different restaurants. Local food items like seaweed baked biscuits provided a unique taste ever tasted in China. Also, variety of sweet potatoes were found as symbolic foods of this area. The restaurants offer a beautiful scenic views from the windows. The architecture of these restaurants and hotels reflects the European style as used in the reign of Chiang Kai-Shek. Further, the use of bicycle rickshaw could be seen commonly near the residence of Chiang Kai-Shek.

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There we learned Chinese calligraphy and enjoyed great performance of Buddhist monk. Monks showed the history of the place and Yangzhou through their wonderful performances. We came back to Slender west lake hotel after finishing the performance and we watched amazing Chinese tea culture with nice silent environment. The room was so silent even we could hear our breathing. Also had Q&A part after tea culture performance. Teacher answered all questions what we asked about china and tea. Everything together it was very wonderful experience. We went to have dinner in Yangzhou Banquet after the tea culture program. I think Yangzhou banquet is one of the best places to eat in Yangzhou. Their service was so pleasant.

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Hello travelers, this is Ishtiaq from Bangladesh, can call me 阿德 in Chinese, doing study in Jiangnan University, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. I love to travel and take photo. During stay in China I have been to many cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Sanya, ShanDong, Hangzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Nanjing etc. Recently, I was invited for 5 days trip to beautiful and elegant city Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province. The formerly Romanized as Yangchow, is a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu Province, China. Sitting on the north bank of the Yangtze. Historically, Yangzhou was one of the wealthiest cities in China, known at various periods for its great merchant families, poets , name, and scholars. Its name (lit. "Rising Prefecture") refers to its former position as the capital of the ancient Yangzhou prefecture in imperial China. During my trip I got chance to visit almost every historical and interesting places and restaurants.


After lunch we went to Daming temple , Daming Temple was approved by the State Council to be included in the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. It was named Daming due to build in the early Southern Song Emperor Ming dynasty years (457-464 years). For more than 1,500 years, the name of the temple has changed a lot. For example, the dynasty called "Hailing Temple" and "West Temple", and the end of the Tang Dynasty called "Weighing". In the Qing Dynasty, because of the word "Da Ming", it was once called "Hailing Temple", and Emperor Qianlong's30-year-old emperor's handwritten title "敕法法净寺". In 1978, Daming Temple was restored to its original name. In 二〇〇三, it was rated as a national AAAA level scenic spot.

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After the lunch, you get enough strength to climb over 300 steps to almost 60m tall open air made with copper Great Maitreya Buddha. A visit to Ningbo or Fenghua in the Eastern China province of Zhejiang is incomplete without visiting Xuedou Temple in Xikou Town, which is one of the top 10 temples of the Song Dynasty, while Xuedou Mountain is one of the five major buddhist mountains in China. On the way to the temple you can observe the beauty of lake surrounded by green trees and stones placed in the lake to pass through the other side providing a beautiful view. It was a smoggy day with a bit drizzle and the sky was covered with white and greyish clouds. You can have a beautiful view from down and amazing view when you climb up the stairs to reach the top of Buddha maitreya. At the temple you can find people in bowing worship area, cultural exhibition place, sculpture area, leisure and shopping area.

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Heyuan Garden is divided into four parts: Dongyuan, Xiyuan, Yuanjuyuan and Shishishan. The Shishishanfang is located in the south of Dongyuan Garden. The courtyard is surrounded by Dongyuan, Xiyuan and Shishishan houses. The two-story building and the retreat are integrated into the front of the house. We explored almost 4 hours till dinner in HeYuan and got amazed by the beauty and old architure.

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After having wonderful breakfast, we have been to slender west lake scenic spot. There we visited scenic spots and historic places among five pavilion bridge, twenty-four bridge, lotus pond and diaoyutai, also had a boat riding around the beautiful lake. Later we enjoyed Guqing performance with nice song and puppet dance. It is one of the ancient Yangzhou culture.

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It is one of the best performances show I watched after romance show in Hainan. After the show, we went back to hotel for having rest and getting ready for next day.

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We had our dinner in Lushi Ancient house restaurant. The Lushi Salt Merchants Residence was built in the 20th year of Qing Guangxu. It is the largest existing salt merchant residential building in Yangzhou and an important relic of Yangzhou salt culture. Since the restoration of “4·18” this year, the Lushi Mansion has become the crowning touch in the fine section of the renovation and renovation of the ancient canal.

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After breakfast we started our journey of day 2 to visit one of the beautiful waterfalls in Zhejiang province. Almost 30 minutes away from Buddha Maitreya by bus, the journey to three waterfalls was a mixture of adventurous drive through the hills with splendid scenic views covered with clouds. It was a rainy day so we had to keep umbrella and rain coat. The way from first waterfall to the 3rd is almost 1500 meters through hundreds of ston steps. Each waterfall has a different style. The first waterfall named Sanyintanwas the biggest one, you could observe the splashes of water in all directions. There is a small temple for three dragon kings knows as Chinese gods of weather and water near the first waterfall. From the perspective of the ancient people, everywhere in Sanyintan Waterfall hides true dragons which, Lou Yue, a famous literatus of Song Dynasty remarked “please don’t be too close to the pool for there are sleeping dragons within, sometimes thunder and storm come out of nowhere”. Walking down 20 minutes through stones steps you will arrive in Zhongyintan waterfall that features beautiful scenery with the rock and green plants around it. Walking for another 30 minutes will take you to the 3rd waterfall named Xiayintan waterfall which has its beautiful view composed with big stones and bigger pond. Near Xiayintan is a small railway station where people can take small trains to reach Qianzhang rock waterfalls. The splashes of water becomes heavier here. You can further take a cable car to reach the mouth of this waterfall which will take 5 to 7 minutes and finally you can get a bus back to have delicious lunch after a tiring but worthy hiking experience.

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Zhuyu Bay resort (Yangzhou zoo) was our last place in trip. After finishing, wewent straightly to restaurant nearby our hotel in Dongguan street and happily finish our memorable trip.

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Living in China for almost 4 years, I have visited a lot of historical places and I can say Xikou is one of them where you will find yourself walking in the history with not only the architecture but the people, food and culture. I have never seen the history and culture so alive anywhere else in China. The entrance wall to the residence shows the power of old Chinese architect. While walking through the residence of Chiang Kai-Shek, a political and military leader who served as leader of the Republic of China during 1928 and 1975, I have discovered the people are still following his way of living. I seemed to know the dressing style of these people, which was a reflection of their old tradition, the long black shirt with its typical style of stitching for males and blue shirt with black trouser for females could be seen as their most popular dress, while also a mixture of colourful clothing was found.

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It would one of the best China trip. I would like to thank everyone for giving me a good experience with tradition and culture of Yangzhou. Yangzhou will be in my memory forever.

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